Keep scrolling to find out more about the graphics and interaction technologies used during the development process of Reel In.

VR Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and HTC Vive

The team chose to develop Reel In in a Virtual Reality environment made in Unity3D. VR was something some team memebers had experience with before, and the ones that did not were keen to try out. Using VR also made it possible for us to create the unique and relaxing experience we were aiming for, so choosing VR for this project was therefore a natural choice. The HTC Vive headset that the game was developed for was also a natural coice, mainly because of convenience since it was available to us through the Visualisation Studio at KTH and that we had some previous experioence with it.

Graphics Environment and Graphics

Unity3D and Blender

The environment and the game itself was developed in the game engine Unity3D, which also was an easy choice since all team members had worked with it before. Apart from this, Blender was used to create 3D assets, something we had to learn along the way since there was no previous experience with Blender.

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Tools Commuinication Tools

Other Communication and Collaboration Tools

Various other tools were used for communication and collaboration, such as GitHub, Facebook Messenger and Google Drive.

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