Related Work

Here we list games that inspired us to develop Reel In as well as previous research related to the technology we used.

Game Catch & Realease

VR Game Catch & Release

The inspiration for the environment in Reel In is taken from the already existing VR Game Catch & Release, developed by metricminds. However, we decided to leave some things in the environment out such as weather changes, picnics and listening to the radio. This was to not distract the user from the actual fishing and focus on the relaxing experience of fishing itslef.

Article Audiovisual Cartography

Audiovisual Cartography: Established and New Multimedia Approaches to Represent Soundscapes

We started investigating soundscapes for Reel In and how they can affect the experience after reading this research paper, which focuses on how to create soundscapes that help the users navigate through a world. It explains the four different types of sounds that can be applied in audiovisual cartography and how they should be used.

Article Relaxation in VR

Relaxation with Immersive Natural Scenes Presented Using Virtual Reality

Another inspiration for Reel In was this research paper, which investigates how to expose people that live in urban areas to nature. Different VR environments are evaluated on how well they reduce stress and imporove mood of users, where outdoor, natural scenes got higher scores. This knowledge has been useful during the development process of this project.