We faced many challenges during the making of Reel In. Here we explain some of them ⬇

Challenges Challenges and Lessons Learned

Challenges We Faced and Lessons We Learned

The biggest challenge we faced during the making if Reel In was a bug in Steam VR that made the contolllers not show in the scene when entering the game. The whole team spent a lot of time trying to debug this and find out what was wrong, but without any luck. As a result of this, we decided to not use GitHub as a collaboration tool anymore, since we thought that could have been a reason for the bug. This made collaboration harder since the workaround was to rebuild the whole game multiple times and always keeping copies to not lose any progress.

Another big challenge we faced and knew of before going into the project was to make the movements and physics of the fishing rod as natural as possible. This was solved after many tries using a catenary function for the fishing line and attatching it to the end of the rod and the fish itself.

A pleasant lesson we learned is how much difference the sound makes to the overall experience of the game. It was naural for us to add some sounds, but when testing it with users this was one of the positive things they mentioned about the game at an early stage. We also noticed this ourselves while testing the game.