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Imagine the possibility of going on a trip to a beautiful and serene lake in the mountains, with crystal clear water and calm nature giving you real peace of mind. This possibility is just a few presses of a button away, with our VR Fishing experience - Reel In. Welcome to a wonderful place where fishing, nature and serenity are the only things on your mind.

This project was developed as part of the course Advanced Graphics and Interaction at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Goals Goals and Motivations

Our Goals and Motivations

We wanted to create a beautiful and fun experience for the user, and at the same time embed an educational aspect to it. We hope that the impact of this VR game is that through inspiring nature, it can encourage to spend more time outdoors and actually go fishing IRL. The team behind Reel In all had a desire of creating something within the VR technology scene and wanted to work with the engine Unity and the HTC Vive headset. 

Our Team Amazing Team

Meet Our Team


Gabriella Westman

Graphics expert

Gabriella is the graphics expert of the team, and has during the project focused on creating beautiful graphic assets in Blender. The fishing rod, fishing line and their natural physics is all thanks to her, as well as the interactions that are available with the rod.


Beata von Grothusen

Sound and interactions expert

Beata has mainly focused on creating a realistic soundscape in the game, both with the background sounds and sounds connected to user interaction. Apart from this, she developed this website and the buoyancy functionality for the boat to make sure no users get seasick!


Hedvig Reuterswärd

VR expert

Hedvig R is the most experienced VR developer in the team, and has focused on hardware and interaction techniques during the project. She made it possible to pick up objects, casting the line and the actual reeling in functionality on the line and the fish.


Emma Igelström

Environment expert

Emma knows everything about the beautiful environment in the game, from the mountains and trees to the beautiful water that she developed and implemented many times around. She has also focused on user experience, making sure the game is entertaining for the user and that the interactions are intuitive.


Hedvig Fahlstedt

Environment expert

Hedvig developed and implemented the beautiful environment in the game, from the mountains and trees to the epic water. She also worked on the visual splash effect that is used when throwing things in the water and when the fishing line hits the surface. The cool logo on top of this page 👆 is also Hedvig's work.


Linnéa Lennartsson

VR expert

Linnéa is one of our VR experts, focusing on interaction techiques with the hardware and making them smooth for a great user experience. She is the brains behind the respawning functionality, making it possible to get the fishing rod back after dropping it in the sea. She also added suitable assets in the scene.

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